Who We Are

We are a one stop shop pushing boundaries in Print, Creative, Signage and Branding. With the rapidly changing environment we are in today, you need a partner who will go through the hurdles of business with you especially in communicating your brand in the best way possible to achieve great returns.

At the ‘Color house’ like we call it, we believe in creative excellence in whatever we do. Driven by a dynamic team that cuts across all ages, we believe that young is innovative and old is experienced therefore when the two are combined, a new form of energy and direction is created. We call it the “fringe sense”

Since our inception, we have combined cutting edge technology, a dynamic team of professionals with a high sense of creativity and efficiency to build this engine. We have blown away our clients before and haven’t lost out touch.

At industrial colors, we imagine, innovate and create revolutionary products that have left lasting impressions on our client’s faces.


To be a global first choice partner in delivering quality and innovative printing and packaging solutions.


At the heart of industrial colors, we strive to use innovative design cutting edge technology to meet the ever changing demands of our clients.


Truth Media offers a wide range of printing services depending on what our clients prefer. The quality of print comes second to none, we have the shortest delivery times possible which means we stay ahead of our deadlines as well as unbeatable rates.

Under the print division, we offer; large format printing for products like stickers, one way visual, PVC banners, tear drops, pull-up banners, feather banners, conference banners and billboards.

We also offer digital and offset printing of all sizes for products like posters, fliers, brochures, folders, business cards, newsletters, magazines, books and annual reports.


Creative is one of the key cornerstones of industrial colors and we leverage this talent to produce the best graphical content that best suits our client, putting in mind their brands guidelines at the heart of the design. Our services cut across many fields from normal poster designs, to designing website and application interfaces, package designs and mockups, magazine layouts etc.


Promotional items are becoming a part of our daily marketing budgets due to their effectiveness in promoting the brand, we supply a variety of branded promotional materials ranging from T-shirts, caps, pens, cups, shirts, diaries, umbrellas, water bottles and many more. These materials can be customised to the customer’s desire and taste.

We also supply a wide range of stationary and scholastic materials and some of them include pens, markers, flip charts, paper, files, envelopes and others. We believe you need a vendor who can execute your orders in the best quality, best price and shortest delivery time possible, industrial colors is that vendor.


Signage is paramount in encouraging brand visibility. We offer customised signage products and services to suit our client’s needs. Some of these include light boxes, steel frames, billboard skeleton frames, sign posts, vehicle branding, wall branding and many more.


By definition, a branding strategy is a long term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific goals. A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions and competitive environments. One important element of a comprehensive branding strategy targeted to consumers is television advertising. Although it may not be right for every business, TV is the most powerful media available to advertisers and has the potential to dramatically impact a communications campaigns success.